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Welcome to 3cTele.com Availability Check System.


This page allows you see INSTANTLY what services and packages are available on YOUR line

including various types of broadband and fibre connections, estimated download speeds, and whether or not you are suitable for a special 3cTele.com package.

It typically takes less than a minute to complete the check, and the results are provided to you on this page in real time.

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These are some of our most popular packages

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Select “Check My Line” above to see INSTANTLY what services and packages are available on YOUR line!

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Experience True Customer Service

Experience the difference of working with 3cTele.com as your telecoms provider. We are a local company dedicated to offering our new and existing clients the highest level of service possible, at very competitive prices.

Transferring your line and services to 3cTele.com is a simple, pain-free and seamless process that is completed with one simple phone call. There is no hassle or disruption to your line, and all existing maintenance and management will still be carried out by Openreach

3cTele.com are Ofcom regulated, members of FCS, and registered with the Ombudsman Services, all to give our customers peace of mind and an unrivalled service.
We are an experienced local company, with the highest standards of service delivery and customer care. To find out how we can put together the perfect package for your home phone, start the journey now by Checking your Line. The Line check takes seconds and returns information of services and packages available on your line.

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3cTele.com Line Check

We are now going to check your line and see what services and packages are available to you.

These results are specific to your line ONLY. We will only hold your data temporarily and for the reason stated below.

The Line check will typically take between 5 and 20 seconds. Please do not refresh or move off this page during the line check.

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Data and GDPR Guidance

What happens when I ‘CHECK AVAILABILITY’?

We will delete your information immediately after/during the check if we are NOT able to offer you a Package on your Line.

We will NOT provide your details to any third Parties under any circumstances.

We will ONLY store your details for the purposes of checking your Line and (if appropriate) to make contact with you regarding a better package. This will be a maximum of 30 days, after which time your details will be deleted.

See our full Data Privacy Policy here.