Dedicated Account Management and Support

GOLDplus Members are given separate exclusive contact details which takes them directly through to the GOLDplus team

no waiting in automated queues or selecting/transferring to different departments or services. You will be answered by a GOLDplus trained telecoms agent. This person is your single point of contact who will ‘own’ your questions, accounts queries or faults until they are resolved to your satisfaction. No passing the buck and no dealing with different departments.

Openreach Service Upgrade

We will automatically upgrade your Openreach service level

free of charge for 6 months (normally £2 per month). This means that any faults which we refer to Openreach engineers will be given a higher priority status.

Internet Access Contingency

In the event that we are unable to remedy an internet access problem following remote diagnosis

 engineer visit, and replacement router, then we will courier a new pre-configured non-fixed line Internet router (normally 4G) completely free of charge until the fault is fixed.

Multi-platform Access

To respond to our customers needs, the GOLDplus  team can be reached by a range of methods

including dedicated telephone line, on-line chat, Whatsapp group, and Skype. They will also have an on-line account access set up in advance to view charges, calls, and services 24 hours free of charge.

Hardware Replacements

As a GOLDplus  member, we will keep a local stock of any Hardware

that we provide to you, including of course your Router. In the event of a failure which we cannot correct remotely, we will pre-configure and test a new router and get it to you within 24 hours free of charge.

A Local Friendly Team

Most of our customers are within 1 hour’s drive from our service office in Hampshire

In this case, our GOLDplus  team members will happily come to your address to fix any problem that you may have (including router installation) or to address any issues free of charge.

Call Disruption Diversion

If you have a line fault which effects telephone calls on your line

If you have a line fault which effects telephone calls on your line, we will provide a call diversion to any other line (including a mobile). The diversion service and the costs of diverted calls will be free.