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Who are are an independent telecoms provider. We are based in Hampshire / Surrey and specialise in providing competitive packages for our customers including Line Rental, Free Calls, discounted network calls, and broadband including standard, enhanced, and Fibre. As a local company, we can offer an unrivalled level of customer services and home support facilities.

Surely BT is the UK telephone network?

No, the telecoms industry has been de-regulated for some time now. There are now several hundred telecoms providers, some who specialise is specific services or areas. The best way to think about it is to compare it to the Electricity network. There are lots of Electricity providers, but just one source of Electricity (National Grid). Individual Providers simply wholesale the service and provide the customer support and billing to the end customers.

I don’t want to change my telephone line.

That’s fine, we certainly won’t be making any changes. We operate on the same line and number that you have at the moment. No-one will be changing it or making any changes to it. You literally won’t be aware of your telephone provider changing for your home phone, the same as you wouldn’t be aware of changing from E-On to Scottish Power or npower. Your bill just comes from a different company name.

What if something happens to my Line?

There are no changes to your line, and it will still be managed and maintained by the same company, normally Openreach. If you have problems, you simply call us and we will look after everything else for you.

Why are better than BT / my Current Supplier

Truthfully … in most ways we probably aren’t much different, because your line (and the company that maintains your line) doesn’t actually change. For some customers it’s simply a matter of us putting together a better package than they have at the moment – often cheaper or with more features/free calls. For other customers, it’s our great customer services, technical support and client team. We do always try and go the extra mile, and all our staff are based in the UK, and mostly very close to our customers.

Will there be down-time when my telephone line changes to

No. you wont even know when it has happened.

How can be cheaper than BT / my current Supplier?

Every Telecoms Provider gets charged the same or similar prices wholesale for line rental and calls etc. The difference between one company’s prices and another is simply how much they add on top of those wholesale prices, i.e. how much they charge the customer compared to how much they pay for wholesale prices. Some larger companies have to make billions per year to feed their shareholders, director’s bonuses and football stars, whereas others ( don’t have such costs/luxuries.

Can you offer the same broadband / fibre that we have?

Yes, generally speaking we can continue to provide you with whatever broadband you have at the moment. There are sometimes exceptions to this, if this is the case, our Line Checker will highlight this at the start of the process, to avoid any wasted time.

Will there be downtime on my broadband?

As a rule – No, however we do find that sometimes (10% of cases) the switchover can be complicated by some parties and there may be a few hours of downtime on the switchover day. This is the same with all providers, and we specialise in working hard to minimise/eradicate this. Normally customers don’t experience any downtime whatsoever.

Do I need to configure a new router for my Broadband?

No (unless you want to). Your new router arrives several days before you go live and is already pre-configured, so you literally just plug it in and enjoy your new service.

Will your broadband be faster for me?

Unlikely, unless your upgrade to a better service with us. We’ll be able to advise you of what’s available on the Line Check. If you keep with the service and package that you have at the moment, then your speed will continue as it is.

Do 3c offer Fibre as well?

Yes, we can offer you several grades of fibre based on your existing connection. To see if you have fibre availability, simply do our Line-Check.

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